Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pool violence

Pools should be classed as deadly weapons like guns and cars and people should really have a verified need to have a swimming pool. Not a want.. a need.

People wanting to have pools should be subject to a background check to make sure they are responsible people and they should be required to lock up the pool area when not in use. While in use there needs to be adult supervision at all time. Adults leaving the house and whose children drown should be subject to legal charges.

It is a free country, but when children's lives are on the line, some things really need to be phased out.  Swimming pools are also bad for the environment and waste water.

If we can't outlaw swimming pools altogether, then we at least need to enact commonsense laws to prevent these senseless and unnecessary deaths of children from happening over and over again.

Stop pool violence. Contact your representative in government today and demand action.


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